As Real As It Gets

Starring Parker McKenna Posey

Cruise with Parker in her Hummer limousine as she goes to interview "Child Stars", "Former Child Stars", and the parents behind them.

Sometimes we'll take a ride on a private jet to interview these Stars.

Thinking about helping your child be a star or are you already in the mix?


Learn from those who do it everyday, and really see why this type of work is "As Real As It Gets".







Troubled Teens

Once kids reach that double digit age they seem to go astray, and become more opinionated. Some kids follow others into trouble, and some lead others into trouble.

Follow us as we interview some of these teens, counselors, probation officers, parents, attorneys, judges, policemen, and other employees in the penal system to find out why the misbehavior of teens is rising and what America plans to do about it.

Troubled Teens (Spanish)

Una vez los ninos llegan a una sierta edad, ellos parecen desviarse y son mas porfiados en su parecer. Unos siguen a otros y algunos inducen a otros a meterse en lios. Siganos mientras entrevistamos algunos de estos adolecentes, consejeros, oficiales, padres, abogados, jueces, policias, y trabajadores en el sistema penal para averiguar las razones porque el mal comportamiento de estos jovenes crece mas y mas y lo que america piensa hacer sobre esto.



Children and young adults are a major part of our American Society and boy do they have opinions.

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This House is full of Talent, Hopes, Dreams, Kids, and Determination!!!!! 






See your favorite “Child Film/TV Star or “Child Music Star” cook their favorite foods!!!



Acting starts early.  See some of the best new talent in the world!