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We produce high quality HD/2D/3D film and television projects that are meaningful, realistic, fun, spiritually enlightening, thought provoking, with content that will allow families to attend the theater, and watch entertaining television shows together.

"Our television shows are coming in 3D"

All Materials Written/Created By
William A. Baker
(Creative Genius)

In 3D "The Truth About The War In Heaven" Declaration Of War

Writer/Director/Producer "William A. Baker" goes to higher heights to show what led to the "War In Heaven" and how it relates to the world's condition now.The war started in Heaven when Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels were kicked out by Michael The Archangel and his army. The war ended in heaven, but it continued on earth! It continues to this very day. The devil's angels(demons) fight everyday to keep The Kingdom of God from inhabiting earth. See the earth conflict in present day and the different camouflages used by the devil's angels to make earth a living hell!

"The Truth About The War In Heaven" Weapons of our Warfare

As the war from heaven unfolds and continues on earth, the forces behind the weapons of mass destruction, become more familiar with the True force behind the weapons of mass spiritual destruction, the one able to destroy both soul and body in HELL!!!

"The Truth About The war In Heaven" Revealing the Rapture

As the trilogy reveals The Truth About The War In Heaven, some believers of the spiritual life are now doubtful, and fearful due to false prophecies. Believers and the world become nervous concerning the End Time. The truth about the so called "Rapture" is revealed.

For more information on The Truth About The War In Heaven (Declaration Of War)http://pro.imdb.com/title/tt1595866/

Models Around The World
Star Studded Red Carpet Event
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Universal Studios City Walk

IFERS (Institute for Education, Research and Scholarship) sponsored the 2008 "Models Around the World" men, women, and children's fashion show to provide scholarships for high achieving students in the world as well as the children at the Boys and Girls Club. Designers: Recycled Threadz, Zova LA, Tatiana Andrade, M The Movement and Children's Cottage. All donations at the event went to IFERS.org and the Masiela Lusha Foundation masielalusha.com

Hosted by Masiela Lusha
"Carmen Lopez" for five seasons on the ABC series, "George Lopez"


Amazingly Beautiful, Sexy, & Bizarre

a Feature Film
In Development:

Land Of The Free? 2
Exorcism 2
Weapons Of Our Warfare
HipHop Believer
America's Hottest Pop Star
Americas' Funniest Comedy Troupe
America's Best Choir
America's Best Gospel Group
Models Around The World

Hollywood Unions

As Real As it Gets
Troubled Teens
Act For it
Entertainment Cooks
House of Determination
Science In America

(Feature Film)

What happens when a Middle School student gets so involved and obsessed with "Professional Wrestling" that everything she does concerns wrestling?

How does this affect her education, family, and her friends?

"This Is Real" is a motion picture that is touching, funny, and leaves a great thought of reality.


(Feature Film)

This film does not portray The Almighty God or his ministers as the weaker vessels--in this movie you'll see the real power of God. Now available on DVD!.

"Coming Soon in 3D"

(Feature Film)

A day at the Water Park is not safe anymore


(Feature Film)



Stop being so serious Lauf.............Some people lauf at anything

(Feature film)

A political/spiritual drama.



"Sure You're Right"
A romantic dramedy. Comedy, Drama, and Romance joins together just as in real life when people from different cultures, faiths, and beliefs, clash in this International television show.


"A Fair Shake"
Feature Film
After being deceived, rejected, and manipulated by the sharks and the politics of Hollywood , a talented writer considers suicide. Triggering an inner-city war.


This show is all about Women!!! Created to allow women writers the opportunity to write sketch comedy featuring women comediennes and actresses performing while being directed by women directors. Makeup, hair, and wardrobe will feature some of the most talented female artists in the business. This is where women crew members get a chance to show their skills. It's created by a man, but it's for FEMALES ONLY